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A Few Good Science Friction Books Of 2012


The year is about to end and so I just thought to share with you’ll some of my favorite Science Friction books of 2012 {Because that’s what we read}. Books are man’s best friends but all are not equal. The following are my selections of some best books in 2012 and are independent of their order in this post.

the long earth

The Long Earth By Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

Its a Science Friction and is based on the ideology of parallel universe. It portrays the ideology that there exists Parallel Earth’s and each differ from other in terms of development, the closer they are be more similar to each other. A person can travel in such universes using a device called Stepper. This novel revolves around a man called Joshua Valienté who travel such Parallel Earth’s and discover some strange facts.



2312 By Kim Stanley Robinson2312

Okay, So you can clearly make-out by looking t the title of the book that the book is based in the year 2312. In the time when science and technology has reached great heights. So the story is set in  city called terminator on Mercury.  The plot revolves around the Mercury native Swan Er Hong, and her efforts to carry on the conspiratorial work of her deceased grandmother.


Across the UniverseAcross The Universe By Beth Revis

This book was not published in 2012 but year back but still is a good read. ‘Across the Universe’ begins with a choice made by Amy who chooses to go with her parents 3000 years ahead in time instead of being frozen on the earth all by herself. The story consists of Romance, thrills and some more to discover.

After The Apocalpse

After the Apocalypse By Maureen F. Mchugh

This book ‘After the Apocalypse’ consist of number of small stories, nine stories to be more precise. This book takes you to the world which is striven by economic problems, diseases and also the new age artificial intelligence. Its kind of the must read tale of the future.

Killing the MoonThe Killing Moon By N.K. Jemisin
This one is much of Fantasy than Science Friction. The book follows Ehiru, a Gatherer who has sworn to help keep the peace in the city of Gujaareh. It is they who must gather together magic while people sleep, using the magic for altruistic purposes as well as to protect the city from the corrupt.