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Anime Review: Date A Live


Have you seen or heard about an Anime called ‘The World God Only Know’ because if you have then you might just find similarities between the core concept of that and this anime. Anyways still Date A Live is a unique anime in many ways except for its similarities with ‘The World God Only Knows‘ been using romance as a weapon to avoid mass destruction.


‘Date A Live’ is a 12 Episodes long anime with a soon arrival of its consecutive next season. The anime is diverse with a lot of genres including Romance,Action,Harem,Mecha,Sci Fi and some Tragedy. The basic and the most spoiler free plot I could say is in present World there is a severe chances of places hitting with Meteors or various other disasters which are actually caused by ‘Spirits’. These Spirits are being attacked so as to kill them without having any further damage but that seems a very tough way which leads to mass loss until another organization figure out a way to make the spirit fall in love and lock down their powers so as to safeguard this planet. The story continues with some cases of spirit and a Deep romance between the male lead {Shido Itsuka} and the first spirit he locks down {Tohka Yatogami}.

The Story isn’t anything spectacular but it starts of good but somewhere in between it looses track and tries to catch up in the end. The Story didn’t have much negative areas which seemed good and was smooth.

Animation & Soundtrack

The anime is animated by AIC PLUS+ and talking of which they seem to have done good job executing the anime design. The characters look and feel unique in their distinctive avatars. The Battles and other action themed scenes are quite decent but much to talk about is the times when spirits come in their true forms thats a spectacular delight. The Anime has poor opening but decent ending themes but the soundtrack isn’t much there enough. The voice actors depicting various characters very somewhat okay except for that puppet on Yoshino hand quite annoying.



This anime was one of the most popular series of spring 2013. The Anime has an interesting storyline and could be a good watch for any Romance anime fan being said that the animation was  very well distinguished and depicted. Although this season doesn’t completely ends everything I am quite excited about the second season and mostly for Kurumi Tokisaki role in it. Hope they keep up the pace.