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Anime Review: Durarara!! (DRRR!!)


Durarara!! is a quite interesting anime one might find. It has got many flavors of romance,action, supernatural & slice of life plus a lot more in it. The main strong point of this anime is its characters which are all unique in a way, although it’s a shame they’re largely underdeveloped. Even after that the story of the anime is a real winner which makes it an good anime to watch out.


The anime has a unique storyline which revolves around three high school students but beyond that there are some potential other characters which add-up to the awesomeness of the show. There just so many twists in the plot that you might not expect which will surely keep you surprised at times. Many of my friends who have watched this anime told me that storyline gets degraded after episode 12 or 13 but that was not the case although the plot takes a drastic change from that point it surely does a good job keeping me entertained. Being just 26 episodes long, the anime felt like it was quite rushed in the end like it would have been good if they had given some time for some events in the anime to take their time and do a bit of explaining.

Although there were some amazing characters in the show there wasn’t enough character development to kind of support them but that was surely overseen by me. Celty was my favorite character from the entire show because of here weird outlook and some hidden expressions.

Animation & Soundtrack


For a such a intensely packed story the animation was done quite well enough. There were some crazy details of the cities while showcasing the animation but also focusing on character designs. There are some supernatural events in the anime which are quite amazingly incorporated. Some action packed scenes like of car chases or fights there were having little bit of sloppiness in the animation but were not quite noticeable.

Coming to the soundtrack of the anime which was simply great. The opening and the endings themes of the anime were some of the best tracks I have ever heard for an anime themes accompanied which some good background scores.


This anime is often compared with Baccano! which is quite similar to this anime in terms of main theme which is Gang-wars but beyond that both have complete different experiences. For some reasons I feel like the anime could have been more bigger than just 26 episodes or could just fill up the holes in the plot with another season but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. This urban fantasy which delivers mystery and action with sleek presentation will keep you packed in with some solid entertainment.