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Anime Review: Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)


Mirai Nikki
If you like psychopaths than Mirai Nikki is the anime for you. The story of the anime is quite interesting as it takes various twists and turns throughout the plot. The anime starts as a normal anime wherein the main character is a lonesome guy and is suddenly invoked into some game of becoming God but as the series progresses the story becomes awesome by many leaps and bounds.


Amano Yukiteru, who is in his middle school is quite lonely guy and is having hard time making friends and in such situation the only way which could keep him engaged is his diary which he writes in his cell phone. Furthermore having no friends he starts imagining about fantasy characters like Dues which he calls his God and latter he turns out to be the real God. At some point in the anime 12 individuals are chosen by this God as his end days nears and the the person who survives in the end is crowned as the new God. This sounds like a normal anime where there is game of elimination but what makes it differ is Gasai Yuno a Psychopath girlfriend of Yuki who goes to many leaps in bounds to keep her love with Yuki strong enough with her also having some strange and troublesome past. Every character of the anime is portrayed quite amazingly atleast the diary owners. The story is the main deal breaker in the anime though. The anime also has some interesting character developments beyond the two main leads which are Yuki and Yuno. The story is creative but has some crazy potholes which are left unsolved till the end. There are about 26 episodes and one OVA which released this year and all goes well except for the fact that I would recommend y’all to skip episode 22 as it really confuses the whole story to a point.

There is some serious violence and extreme blood involved featuring stabbing, mutilation, guns, poison, and explosions. There is also some amount of explicit content including gang-rape. These kind of stuff is disturbing as the kind of characters involved are underage. Even said that the story is enough to keep you on the edge.

Animation & Soundtrack


The animation of this anime is done by Asread Studios which have not delivered the anime properly. Although they have done a fine job looking at the plot the animation just feels way too poorer and even at some points the character outlines were irregular. Moving on to soundtrack this is the part which I appreciate about this anime I really like the opening and the ending themes even if they weren’t that great. The character had good voices especially of Yuno as her mood changes the voice really keeps up. The On Screen Soundtrack is good enough to gets your spirits high during a high voltage scene.



Mirai Nikki is not for everyone but those who will watch it will surely be dazzled with the creatively awesome dark story it has. There is quite a amount of suspense in every episode which makes you stay glued to it. The series is very violent but not as much as it is depicted in its manga. Even for the amount of surprise is pulls makes you keep wondering like what could happen next. If you neglect the flaws you will find an highly entertaining, uniquely executed, and horrifying view into the struggle for survival amidst a quest to become God.