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Anime Review: Red Data Girl (RDG)


Red Data Girl (RDG) sound to me like a sci-fi based anime, which its totally isn’t about it. This was one of the Anime’s of the Spring 2013 Anime lineup. The story of the anime is quite interesting focusing on the endangered species a bit. While the main female lead being a endangered species herself.


Izumiko Suzuhara who is raised at the Tamakura Shrine (part of the Kumano Shrines World Heritage site) is protected over there by the staff over there. Unlikely she wants to be a ordinary girl who wants to live a normal teen life but she is very attached to the nature and sometimes when she gets in contact with electronic devices those all stop working. Latter on in the anime she is been guarded by her guardian Yukimasa’s son Miyuki who is at same age as Izumiko. Latter on in the show Miyuki learns about Izumiko’s spirit powers and the story continues. Obviously I can’t tell you every part of the anime as I might spoil the anime for you yet one thing is for sure that the anime goes with a good flow in terms of storyline and you always want to know what might happen in the next upcoming episode. Although even till the end the story doesn’t explain or resolve anywhere near enough. The story also feels quite rushed but somewhat satisfies in the end.

Besides that the story has a interesting cast and the cast gets better with every episode. There is a lot of supernatural stuff in the anime but Romance element is also quite balanced with the act. The anime draws a lot of points from the Japanese culture and history. Even said so the anime felt much like a slice of life anime unlike its genres.

Animation & Soundtrack

Red Data Girl Animation

The Animation is done by P.A. Works, with original character designs by Mel Kishida, directed by Toshiya Shinohara. The animation is quite standard which is what you could expect in the current time. The character details are well looked upon and some fantasy scenes are done quite amazingly. The soundtrack consists of some distinct japanese culture music. The opening and the ending themes are decent not quite much to talk about it. The voice actors do decent jobs and quite much match their respective characters. Overall the soundtrack is light as per the look of the series.



With the storyline this anime could have been easily be one of the best anime’s of 2013 but it seems like they rushed upon not filling various gaps in the story and cutting it way short. Hope they bring another season to fill up all the missing gaps in the story. Even said that the anime provides quite of a satisfying experience. The show was visually spectacular and if you love anime with good plots you must surely check this out even of it having some hiccups.