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Deviant Art | Beginner Tips


Deviant Art is a website dedicated to art and artists alike. It is one of the largest art communities on the internet. Artists from around the world post their art on their profiles and the rest of the community can comment on the piece. It is a great way to share your work with other artists and even get critiques for improvement.

So you have decided to join the Deviant Art community. There are a few things you need to know to get your artwork out there and to protect yourself. Set up your profile. Know that this is what people will see when they come to your main page. Give a little bit about yourself and your interests as an artist. You may notice some people have very different and extravagant profiles. Some features of Deviant Art require you to upgrade to premium. Using Deviant Art is free, so premium is a way for the site to stay functional for people who want to pay for more unnecessary features.

Now you are ready to upload your art, but is your art ready to be uploaded? Make sure your art is completed. Remember, this will represent you! Be happy with what you upload. Sadly, whenever you place your artwork on the internet, there is a chance it may be stolen through art theft. Art theft is where a person takes your piece and claims it as their own work. I know it sounds crazy but it happens. To help protect yourself, make sure to put a watermark somewhere on your artwork. It won’t stop all art thieves from trying, but it can help deter them.

Next thing you need to do it get involved in the community. You want to share your art but it will get lost in the crowd if you don’t put yourself out there. What genre is your art? What are you interested in? Deviant Art has groups that you can join and send your art to. There, people with like-minded interests can share their art together. It is a great way to get your art known to others. But don’t take and not give! Browse people’s art and start commenting! People love getting comments on their art. Try to be friendly and helpful and they might return the favor by checking your art out. It may take time but soon enough you will be involved in a large and welcoming art community.

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