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Finally Toonami is Back, Replacing Boomerang

Remember Toonami the block which used to show anime on Cartoon Network. Well its coming back and now as a 24/7 channel well actually it has replaced Boomerang which used to show some of the old Cartoon Network shows.

“For all of our anime fans, they now can access to Toonami anytime” Steve Koonin said

Programming on Toonami will feature “Powerpuff Girls“,”Astro Boy”,“Bleach”,“The Boondocks,” and new series like “Powerpuff Girls Z!,” an anime program about three powerpuff girls fighting crime against evil. It will also feature some of the old shows like “SWAT Kats“, “Generator Rex“, “Ben 10″, “Sidekick”, “Dragon Ball Z” and “Sailor Moon“. It will also feature DC and Marvel Superheroes shows like the “Justice League”

Boomerang was turned off because of lack of viewer and this one hopes to fill up the gaps.

Toonami Teaser