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How To Make Use of Your Old Computer

In this ever growing world when that technology becomes old every minute. So You have a old piece of  Computer lying unused in your house or anywhere else this small guide can help to make that bit of computer to work.

Install Linux

Well most of your old hardware is compatible with Linux and can also work properly with it. You can use that Linux machine for basic tasks like Web-browsing, Document Editing etc, and most of that task can be done without any lags as Linux is very Low on resources

Game Server

Popular games like Counter-strike, Minecraft, World of Warcraft are low on resources and just start local server on your dump box and all connected Computers can Enjoy. Set up port forwarding on your router and you can open it up to friends too.

Torrent Seeding

Hey look man it should be all legal. So you have lots of bandwidth in you Internet Plan and you are ready to help somebody then you can be a peer. As the whole point of torrent is that one user must be a Seeder

Local File Server

You may need a local file server to stream all the  files to all the connected devices in your place, files like photos, Videos, Music and documents are in the camp. For that you just need to properly setup your Windows Home-group or else FTP Programs can help you with this thing

Thats Not It…

you can setup your own Web Server and even a proxy server plus you can donate your computer to a needy person who doesn’t has one or just give it to your Kid to play that Flash games and low graphic games. You can Also recycle it. Obviously you can do much more than this but this is all that came to my mind now

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