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How Will Humans Be In The Future



When we think about the future we tend to think in the typical science friction way about the materialistic things like gadgets and not humans themselves. When science friction writers portray humans of the future they focus on things like clothes but forgetting the important element that is  a human.

You’ll know evolution and human’s tends to evolve as the time goes by as of to adjust to the surroundings. One thing is for sure that the difference in the skin tones of the humans will probably disappear by a selective time as of humans are mobile unlike the old days when the transportation was limited so you can expect a uniform human race in terms of skin tone for sure. Similarly due to more dependence on technology humans will be weak as of no exaggeration but the advancement in medicine might help them there.

Until fairly recently in our history, human races in various parts of the world were becoming more rather than less distinct. Even today the conditions of modern life could be driving changes to genes for certain behavioral traits.

We might be able to achieve so called smarter and better humans using artificial genetics. Just like science friction we might be able to embedded technologies in to humans as of a communicator or say something like Google Glass already embedded. We might not completely turn into a cyborg but just a few tweaks here and there. If we colonize planets far beyond our solar systems humans might just need to evolve to be in that situations.

Just like years ago when Europeans went to America, Now they are all Americans with little changes when we compare them to current day Europeans. That’s evolution.

We might also see 6 ft and 7 ft tall humans in the future and more dependence on technology will sure has genetic price, of which lesser toes will be one probably we kind of don’t rely on them anymore evolution has already taken steps to get rid of our smallest fifth toe.

Humanity may split into two sub-species in 100,000 years’ time as predicted by HG Wells but that still seems clueless.

While science and technology will rightly shape our future they will also disrupt it in a way making us more prone to diseases and more lazy for sure.