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Impressive LEGO Pop-Culture Portraits By Chris McVeigh

I have seen some really crazy art works before but this one is quite unique in its own way. Chris McVeigh created some awesomely impressive portraits of some popular pop-culture icons like Pikachu, Optimus Prime, Batman among many others. I won’t say that I haven’t seen LEGO inspired artwork before but all those which I saw involved just shaping the regular LEGO blocks to the desired shape but Chris has done something more awesome he has shaped them in a awesome way and painted the part which he wants to invocate in the design which makes it feel alive and probably quite unique in his own way. Check out the whole bunch of awesomeness and also visit Chris McVeigh’s website for even more eye charms.

batman-lego-portrait stormtrooper-lego-portrait r2-d2-lego-portrait pacific-rim-lego-portrait optimus-prime-lego-portrait iron-man-lego-portrait bender-lego-portrait chrismcveigh01 chrismcveigh03 chrismcveigh04 cobra-commander-lego-portrait chrismcveigh08