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Gadgets, Phones and College: Keeping Your Tech Gear Safe at University


Are you heading off to university this autumn? If so, chances are you are pretty excited about getting into your new home, meeting new friends and having a lot of fun. One thing that is crucial to being able to do all of that is your smartphone, and when it comes to your actual studies, you’re going to need your laptop, tablet and all the other tech gear you are planning to take with you. Sadly, however, phones and other devices are the most commonly stolen items among students, and as everybody knows, uni students don’t tend to have the money to replace things right away!

If your phone and laptop etc. are currently covered on your parents’ home insurance, it is likely that this won’t cover them while you are living away from home at college, so the best thing to do is take out a policy with a specific gadget insurance company, for example Protect Your Bubble insurance cover, however it is better to try and prevent the crime in the first place than to have to claim on any kind of insurance policy. Here are some tips for keeping your phone safe at college:

Don’t Leave Things with Friends

Most phones and laptops are stolen in areas where a lot of people gather, such as bars, cafes, green outdoor parts of the campus where people go to relax, and libraries. While you may feel comfortable with your new friends, it is safest to take your phone and computer with you when you go somewhere, even if you are just disappearing for five minutes to go to the bathroom or get a drink from the bar. This isn’t to say your friends can’t be trusted, but there is often so much going on that it can be hard to keep track of other people’s stuff. Take responsibility for your own things and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your things are safe and won’t have any disputes with your new friends because things they were supposed to be watching have gone astray.

Be Discreet When Carrying Devices

When you carry your laptop, tablet or other devices around, walking, cycling, or catching the bus or train, make sure it isn’t too obvious that you are carrying an expensive piece of equipment. Rather than an obvious laptop case, use a bag that could just as easily contain books. Don’t take your tablet out and use it in places you aren’t familiar with either, this is essentially advertising it to possible thieves.

Only Take Things Out When You Need Them

You may be out and about all day and then decide to go out in the evening, but it is best to stop off at home and drop off your laptop and other gear before you hit the bar. Don’t take your computer, tablet or anything else anywhere where you don’t need to use it. You are only risking having it stolen, broken or lost.

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Laura Ginn is a professional writer who blogs regularly on topics related to technology and finance. When she was at university, she knew a few friends who had phones and laptops stolen, and she believes insurance is the best way to make events like this less of a headache.