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Lego DC Videogames


It can be argued that there are two video game design approaches to the DC universe right now:  the traditional, and the child-friendly. Traveler’s Tales, makers of the current run of licensed Lego games, are responsible for taking DC characters and turning them not only into their Lego set counterparts but a fun video game as well.

The History of Lego

Who would have thought that Legos have been in existence for more than a century now? Yes, that is more than 100 years of Lego love. No wonder millions of kids and adults alike go crazy when new designs and characters come out. Legos are considered to be one of the oldest plastic toys in history. It started in Denmark before the manufacturing was scattered to different parts of the world. What originated from a small carpentry work station owned by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Bilund, Denmark has successfully taken over the world of toys. During the Great Depression, Christiansen was forced to divert his focus to smaller projects and the miniature versions of these projects are what instigated the creation of toy blocks, which we now call Lego blocks.

The DC Superheroes

Catwoman, one of the most popular woman superheroes the world has ever known, belongs to an elite league of savers called the DC superheroes. Her high profile colleagues include Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Joker, Lex Luthor, Justice League, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Wonderwoman and many others. DC Superheroes are entertaining enough on their own and they have proven this time and again. If you need more convincing, just look up all the blockbuster movies starring Batman, Superman and the Justice League. All these should be enough to serve as proof of how popular and large the following of these adorable superheroes is. Their phones would surely be ringing off the hook if they had toll free numbers for rescue calls. The DC characters are already mesmerizing on their own and what more when merged with one of the greatest toy inventions in the history of mankind?

Let us set the obvious out on the table: the Lego take on any license is generally a lot of fun. It mixes two familiar things – the Lego bricks we have known since we were children, and characters we have known for equally as long. It also means that certain mechanics like building machines from the game out of Lego pieces are in place simply because they are logically possible.

Secondly, you will find that the Lego versions of that universe are, quite simply, more accessible games. It is difficultto argue that what matters is how adult something is, or how well it plays within the confines of what you are used to in terms of DC’s comic book heroes whether you are comparing “realistic” DC games to Lego or bingo halls.

The reason Lego’s DC effort stands out is because the minifig is such an adaptable beast. By enlarging certain parts, it still remains cute but becomes anything – Solomon Grundy, The Hulk, or any number of characters. The ability to mix and match is what makes comics so wonderful; it is the aspect of creativity that captures us all.

The Lego games stand out when it comes to the DC comic universe because you are capable of crafting a whole new superhero, taking what Lego grants people and mixing it with an intellectual property base that includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash. There are so many possibilities and no need for the linear by-the-numbers definitions of Batman and friends that you might see in other games. Go with both but you will always find more fun and accessibility with Lego.