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Life Inside a Pokémon’s Poké Ball

Ever wondered what would those Pokémons be like in a Poké Ball. I mean they must have a lot of luxury in there because every time after a fight or so when a Pokémon used to get in that Poké Ball he would be all relaxed and powered up when he would come out and mind that it won’t be because of sleeping inside that Ball. Guys over at Movoto have again come up with this cool infographic which idealizes what would be like in a Poké Ball

In the description for the Poké Ball item found in “Super Smash Bros. Melee” on the Nintendo GameCube, it’s mentioned that Poké Balls “contain an environment specially designed for Pokémon comfort.” This has led fans to (understandably) theorize that the balls contain a sort of “virtual reality” that replicates the Pokémon’s ideal environment. So, a fire Pokémon—there are several types, including water, fire, grass, and electric—might find a world of molten lava and flames awaiting them upon being recalled into their ball.

Some fans have been spurred to use their artistic skills to visualize what this might look like. The results have been some really neat renderings of Poké Ball interiors that look like living rooms customized to individual Pokémon.


Inside a Pokemon's Poke Ball