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No! The World Will Not End

The Doomsday Date 21 December 2012 is near and many people think that the world will end on that day, why because Mayan’s said that or you saw that movie 2012. Well there are many claims by many people on the world that the world will end on 2012 because of many things like Solar Flares, Planet X crashing our planet, Polar shit and obviously the Mayan Calender bullshit.

So Is The World Going To End?

No! obviously if the world was going to end soon we would have felt the effect around atleast by now when the “Doomsday” Date is just so near

Mayan Calender

NASA has humorously said that as your kitchen’s calender needs to be changed as you enter another year. Similarly the cycle of one generation is over for the Mayans and they just need to replace the calender which in the case is a rotating wheel.

Solar Flares

There is also this thing going on that the Sun would emit solar flares and it would disrupt every electronic thing on the planet and we will be in total blackout for say a year. Hmm, No there are solar flares every now and then NASA monitors them 24/7 and also to say that Earth has a decent Magnetic Field which protects it from such tremors.

Planet X

There is a belief that a planet called Nebru will collide with our planet Earth. Well if such there were suppose to happen we would have spotted it in the Sky long back then.

Polar Shift

You guys know that Continents are moving. This prediction predicts that the continents will speed up and even that is sketchy.

No! there won’t be any natural disaster or asteroid collision as if it would it would have been already spotted as we are just 2 days away from the Doomsday date. I can’t believe this “Reversal of the Earth’s Rotation”theory or sudden Climate Change Thing or Nuclear Wars those are just impossible.Obviously one day our planet has to die but that day is still may billions and billions of years ahead. For Now you must plan out your future.

Anyways NASA has already released a Video for for the day after 21 December 2012