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Phosphorus One Of Key Elements For Life Got On Earth Via Meteorite


Earth might be one of the unique planets around the universe sporting life.  Recent research from the scientists at University of South Florida suggests that one of the key elements responsible for life which is Phosphorus traveled all its way towards earth via Meteorite.

Research lead by Matthew Pasek and his team believed that active phosphorus as meteorites was smashed into Earth during the Archean and Hadean eons and was released in the water bodies.

Meteorite phosphorus may have been a fuel that provided the energy and phosphorus necessary for the onset of life. If this meteoritic phosphorus is added to simple organic compounds, it can generate phosphorus bio-molecules identical to those seen in life today.

The Research answers one of the questions like why don’t we see new life forms today? “The conditions under which life arose on Earth billions of years ago are no longer present today” said Pasek.

It has been hypothesized that before the emergence of modern DNA–RNA–protein life, biology evolved from an “RNA world.” However, synthesizing RNA and other organophosphates under plausible early Earth conditions has proved difficult, with the incorporation of phosphorus (P) causing a particular problem because phosphate, where most environmental P resides, is relatively insoluble and unreactive.

There are also various sources of phosphorus like a Lighting Strike but none of which could have resulted in quantities required for the creation of life.