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PS Vita TV: The Best OUYA Alternative


Sony announced PS Vita TV earlier this week which is a a $99 or $150 console & also a set-top box. It is based on the PS Vita hardware and offers  access to a range of entertainment services along with running “some” PS Vita games and all virtually available PSP, and PS1 games. It also offers remote access to PS4.  It will cost 9,480 yen, or about $99 excluding sales tax, and is out in Japan on November 14th also there’s a  separate bundle, including a DualShock 3 controller and 8GB memory card, will sell for ¥14,280 (about $150).

Although everyone might compare this thing with the Apple TV but I think its more like a competitor to the OUYA Gaming Console which is currently having some hard time getting games on it and although it supports android games the OUYA specific games are quite few and lacking. PS Vita TV on the other hand already has a large library of over a hundred PS Vita games plus over six hundred PSP digital games and over six hundred PlayStation 1 and PC Engine games which seems like a lot of content when compared to OUYA. While the scaled games might not be as enjoyable as they would be if they were made specifically for the PS Vita TV even then it will be interesting to see how consumers take it.

Its also a cheap media streaming box which supports services like Netflix and Hulu along with Sony’s own Movies Unlimited service. Of course, you can also access the PlayStation Store. Currently PS Vita TV is announced only for the Japanese market but the information about its worldwide availability is still unknown. Meanwhile to me it seems like a pretty interesting device and a tough contender for OUYA.