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Rebel Mouse Not Just An Social Aggregation Service

Last Month I found  Website called Rebel mouse and I thought that’s yet another social media Aggregator like many others out there but that was partially true. It has    got Pinterest like news feed (Everyone seems to be taking notes from Pinterest) which seems to be easy to navigate. It pulls content from various socila media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and your beloved RSS Feed. Its just like a Front Page of a Newspaper which you would like to see with  cup of coffee in your hand.

Rebel Mouse is currently in Beta stage so it requires a Invite to join. Its easy to have  Invite just provide your e-mail address. Make it quick because good username don’t last longer. Your username will become your publishing URL, as in For those of you who need something like then it takes probably about $3 a week or say then it tkes probably about $3 a month.

You can also change fonts and style if you want a little more customization. You also get statistics of every story on your FrontPage and find out how is it performing. The only problem here is that this might just not find as much eyes as it filed to create a kind of hype about it for sure.