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The Grinch is Dealing Your Data

Okay, you may know Grinch that frictional character created by Dr. Seuss, he is basically anti-social evil person. Currently I am talking it in reference to a Infographic which takes looks at the year and how you and the world lost the data this year through hacking, malware, keylogger software, backdoor exploits etc. This Infographics is created by Mobistealth. Check it out.


[zilla_alert style="white"] In everyday life, you may lose your wallet and get it back thanks to a Good Samaritan with everything inside intact. On the internet, you may seemingly never be hacked or tampered with yet lose all that is vital to your digital identity! Reason being is that theft and data breach on the internet is of another, more clever nature. The hackers and thieves are reminiscent of the Grinch and can sneakily take away your precious data right from under your snoozing noses. These Grinch like individuals use techniques such as keylogger infiltration, target all sorts of industries and big businesses, and also are out to unnerve and take home private credentials of anyone on the net, all the while you may be blissfully unaware. But 2012 has seen some major data breaches and the time to wake up and turn off the alarm is here. Take a look at the report and find out what’s been happening. [/zilla_alert]