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The World’s Strangest Inventions



There so many technological innovations and inventions that keeping up with it all can be rather tiresome and of course, fascinating. While we know so much about the Samsung Galaxy S4s, iPhones and iPads of the world, there are several inventions that we’d be surprised to hear even existed. These are the inventions that haven’t quite taken the world by storm, but through their peculiarity deserve our interest.

Full Body Umbrella

The idea of a full body umbrella really is just simple common sense. While umbrellas may protect the tops of our bodies, they do not prevent us from being completely dry. A lot of the time, rain will still blow unto our faces and make its way unto our clothes. Well not with a full body umbrella.

While it may feel akin to walking around in a bubble, it certainly does the job of keeping you dry!


Is there anything weirder than a full body umbrella? Well a dogbrella will surely give it a run for its money. Precisely what it says on the tin, a dogbrella is basically a upside down small umbrella with a longer line to use for your dog.

A Pram That’s Also A Scooter

This next invention is so surprising, not least because it’s potentially dangerous. It’s a pram that’s also a scooter. The idea is ludicrous and one wonders why anyone would ever think up the idea, let alone sanction it and have it developed.

I suppose babies sitting in it will find speeding down while seated on a scooter quite exhilarating.

Hairy Stockings to Ward Off Creeps

Lust is a powerful sensation and the world is full of people that can’t keep their lustful eyes to themselves. This means that whenever a woman wears a skirt, shorts or dress that show off your legs, they’re left to deal with creepy onlookers that like to stop and admire your bodily beauty.

There is a solution however, whereby you can wear skirts, shorts and low cut dresses without being the subject of lustful attention: stockings that make it look as if you have really hairy legs.

People still won’t be able to take their eyes off your legs, but it won’t be for lustful reasons.

Hug Me Pillow

Having someone to snuggle next to at night on the sofa is one of the great things about being in a relationship. Of course, there are many singletons in the world, and a few of these might want to buy a Hug Me Pillow for themselves. Shaped like half of a very huggable man, women can snuggle up with the Hug Me Pillow as a replacement for intimate human company.

It all sounds rather sad, but it is still very comfortable.

A Sleeping Bag With Arms and Legs

This is actually rather a good idea. A sleeping bag with arms and legs is comfortable and convenient; kudos to the inventor of the sleeping bag with arms and legs.

The Bed Piano

The bed piano is another genius idea. Designed specifically for people who are confined to their beds, but still wish to play the piano, the bed piano was developed in 1935 Britain – long before the days of Visopix and modern technology then.

One Wheel Motorcycle

The idea of a one-wheel motorcycle was developed in 1925 Germany. Why anyone would want a one-wheel motorcycle, when the wheel was twice the size of the vehicle is baffling. It’s no surprise then that this invention didn’t quite take off and normal two wheeled motorcycles are instead still used in abundance nowadays.

To make the invention even worse, it didn’t even move very fast.

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