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Top 3 High Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For You

Affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn money for the Internet marketers. Today, the web hosting industry offers you with some of the most lucrative affiliate programs available online. However, not all hosting providers offer you the best affiliate programs and one must select them wisely. You can try wp engine coupon codes of may 2015 to get max possible discount on WP Engine web hosting.

Many a times, several affiliate program environments are quiet tedious and often lead to confusions and frustration. Thus, it’s highly recommended to choose a right affiliate program instead of a wrong one where you waste your time and resources.

So, here we jot down some of the important factors that need to be considered while choosing on a good web hosting affiliate program for you.

#1 Is Web Hosting Affiliate Program Right For You?

This is the most basic question one must ask themselves before starting off with their web hosting affiliate program. As the web hosting affiliate programs offers good returns, many people tend to go for it just to understand it’s not that simple.

There are several technical aspects associated with web hosting and you must be clear about those when it comes to marketing the hosting plans. Inadequate knowledge about these important specifications will not earn you any money but will definitely waste your time.

#2 Reputable Sponsors

Today, you will find a huge number of web hosting providers all over the Internet and almost all of them offer you their affiliate programs. Hence, you must select only the reputable affiliates that have been in the industry for quite some time.

#3 Product Prices and Commissions

While choosing the hosting plans for affiliate marketing, ensure to choose those products that are priced high enough that you can actually make good commission from them. On the other hand you must also see to it that the commissions are adequate and help you earn a good amount of money.

#4 Tracking and Payout Schedule

Ensure that the affiliate program offer you reliable tracking tools where you can analyze the sources of your earnings. Also, you must check on the payout schedule which must be atleast once every month.

Now that you have a brief idea about what to look in an ideal web hosting affiliate, below are the top 3 high paying web hosting affiliate programs for you.


HostGatorOne of the well-known and reputed names in the hosting industry, HostGator offers you with the best affiliate programs in this niche. The program is open for all and it’s not mandatory that you should be a HostGator hosting user to opt their affiliate program.

Signing up with their affiliate program is easy. Once done, you are provided with the promotional banners as well as html codes. Just place these banners and code on the site and start earning for every referral that sign’s up with HostGator. You can track all the sales generated from your unique tracking link or your HostGator coupon code easily.

Commission Rates:

  • 1-5 Referrals/Month – $50/sign up
  • 6-10 Referrals/Month – $75/sign up
  • 11-20 Referrals/Month – $100/sign up
  • 21+ Referrals/Month – $125/sign up


BluehostBluehost partner program is another high paying web hosting affiliate program that will help you earn a lot of money. This provider offers you a payment of $65 per referral who sign’s up with them. Their program provides you with optimized advertisement banners that convert visitors into sales.

Bluehost also has an efficient tracking system that ensures you in getting detailed insights of your click-through rates, conversions and commission payments.


GoDaddyGodaddy is one of the most influential hosting service providers on the Internet. Every month a huge number of people take hosting and domain service from this provider which creates a positive market for you.

Godaddy’s affiliate program does not offer you a fixed amount per referral. However, you can earn upto 30% commission on most orders and up to $500 on select product purchases. With such huge commissions, Godaddy becomes another top high paying web hosting affiliate programs for you.

Final Words

The above mentioned affiliate programs are doing wonders for most of internet marketers. Even you can earn a huge chunk of money if you follow the above steps in choosing an appropriate affiliate program or the ones mentioned above.

Hope this article helps you in knowing the top 3 high paying web hosting affiliate programs for you.

  • Kingsley

    Nice list bro but they are not the top paying, please try to research more or change the title…. arvixe pay $70/sale, Wpengine and inmotion pay close to $100

    • Suumit Shah

      Hello Kingsley,

      Thanks for your notification. We’ll update the list soon :)

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  • Shalini

    No doubt these are best but if you are looking for another reliable option then you can take from Bigrock. Check detail

  • markwealth

    But i think arvixe is good as well.This site is running on on arvixe

  • Rahul Yadav

    Very good post. Looks very easy money with Web hosting affiliate but in real it isn’t. Hardest thing is how to get traffic to my website, website design and so on…

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    But i think arvixe is good as well.This site is running on