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Transfer Large Files With Your Facebook Friends Using Pipe

So how do you share file with your friends? You email it or upload it on a file sharing website and many times those services give you secure code so that the files will be somewhat secure anonymously. Well now there’s another service called Pipe which is actually an Facebook app which lets you share large files with your Facebook friends {Upto 1 GB}.

Obviously both the sender and the receiver must have an Facebook account {Duh!}. Probably this might save some of your time somehow as you might not need to instruct the receiver to download the file. Say if the user you are sending the file is Online then he will receive the file there and then or else you have option to save file in the locker for upto a period of five days. It just sounds like Peer-to-Peer file sharing.

Ready for sharing here’s how to get started:

Firstly: Grant Pipe Access to your Facebook Account by visiting:


Then: Its just straight forward from the friends tab in the upper-left corner of the Pipe window select the friend you want to file to.


Afterward: Select the file you want to share with your friend

Finally: If your buddy is online you will see a pop-up which will let you awrite a custom message to your friend and let him download the file there and then or else if he is offline there will a window asking to save the file to the locker where the file lasts for a period upto five as per your preference.


Apparently this seems like a unique app as I haven’t seen any of such type of app on Facebook before. What do you think of Pipe? Seems Awesome Right? You must really give it a try.