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Week In the Geekness #1

Starting this week we will be starting a cool collection of articles images videos etc from around the Web. Posting Every week on Sunday just to make it special.

Gallifreyan Wedding

Gallifreyan Wedding

Jennifer and Edward share their Gallifreyan wedding on Deviant Art.

Spock Ear Jewelry

Spock Earrings


Really Enough!


Firefox is not responding

Firefox issues

 The Bookworm‘s Christmas Tree



Laika is a re-imagining of the true story about the first dog in space

LAIKA from Avgousta Zourelidi on Vimeo.

Man Of Steel Trailer #2

Good Reads:

Twitter adds filters, but misses the point

Below the Surface

Beyond 2012: Why the World Won’t End

What are the health risks of space travel?

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