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What Apps to Download for Your IPad

iPad App Suggessions

Whether you use your iPad for personal use (watching movies and videos in 3D, playing your favorite games, and browsing the Internet) or for business-related tasks (sending an Internet fax, launching a video conference with your employees, and utilizing features provided by your service providers such as RingCentral), you need applications so that you can maximize the use of your iPad and turn your time and resources into productive ventures. Apps like hotstar app free download are most searched app queries on Apple App Store.

To date, Apple offers the widest collection of applications of varying uses. Of the many applications that can be found in the Apple Apps Store, which of these can make your iPad experience useful and productive? We browsed through a number of these applications and trimmed them down to what we think are the most useful for you.

  • Once in awhile  there is a need for you to view a document using a PDF—which is unalterable—using your iPad. PDF Reader Pro Edition would be a good choice for you, since this specially-customized app for iPad now carries support for such features as search, full screen file viewing, night reading, annotation, highlighting and bookmarking options.

  • Transform your iPad into a wireless device using Air Sharing HD. Using this application, you are able to mount your iPad on your laptop or computer to transfer files. It also allows you to download email attachments and view documents, as well as print files using Printer Sharing.

  • If you miss the paint and drawing application in your laptop or PC, then you need only to purchase SketchBook Pro, a professional-grade drawing application that boasts of a set of sketching and painting tools. It is also easy to use since it has a streamlined and intuitive UI that works perfectly well with iPad.

  • Use the WebEx application for conducting Web conferences. With this application that you can launch using your iPad, you can meet with your staff or clients no matter where you are. It video streaming is of high quality, which takes your meeting experience to a new level.

  • If you prize an organized approach to things, chance are that you have an organizer, whether in real life or in your laptops and smartphones. Fortunately, you can use Things, a task manager that lets you take note of your schedule and create your to-do list. What’s more you can sync your entries in the iPad version of things with the ones in the desktop version using WiFi.

  • Create beautiful presentations in a flash with Keynote. This application, formerly designed for Mac, can now be used using your iPad. Keynote allows you to whip up presentations using various features, including Apple-designed themes, effects and animations. Keynote can also be used as a program where you can launch a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

  • Another useful PDF reader is the GoodReader, but this is better than the PDF Reader Pro. In fact has been acclaimed because you can view almost anything—from books, pictures, to movies. You can also paste sticky notes, even your own drawings, lines, and arrows on top of the document.

  • If you have an app that lets you create presentations, chances are that you also need an app that lets you make word documents. A good and powerful word processor is Pages, which also has a version for the Mac. With Pages, you can create and share your documents. It also comes with Apple-designed templates, formatting options, and layout tools.