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What Happens With Anti-Matter Under Gravity?



Can Gravity possibly effect anti-matter. In our universe matter is the key element as everything out there is made up of matter. Apparently scientists are quite puzzled over the fact that what would happen if anti-matter is set in the gravitational field. Will the anti-matter fall down as of being pulled towards the core like matter or possibly go up.

For the fact matter and anti-matter annihilate when they come in contact with each other. Theorist suggests that at the time of Big Bang they were produced in equal quantities but that sounds quite absurd as if there were no difference between the anti-matter and matter there would be no universe.

Researchers at CERN are using anti-hydrogen to find out what was the differnce between the matter and anti-matter using the ALPHA collaboration at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva

“People have dreamed of doing these experiments: Is it possible that antimatter falls upward instead of downward? Could an antimatter apple fall upward when it’s close to the earth? The answer is probably no, he added. Indirect evidence suggests that gravity’s effects are the same on matter and on antimatter. But gravity isn’t especially well understood, so there could be a window of opportunity for other strange things to happen,” -said Joel Fajans, a professor of physics at UC Berkeley and a member of the ALPHA team.

The possible way to find out gravity’s effect on antimatter directly is where ALPHA comes in. The experiment uses powerful magnets to trap antihydrogen atoms, which are formed by combining an antiproton and a positron. Scientists will figure out this mystery using 434 antihydrogen atoms and computer simulations.

Our results far from settle the question of antimatter gravity. But they open the way towards higher-precision measurments in the future, using the same technique, but more, and colder trapped antihydrogen atoms, and a better understanding of the systematic effects in our apparatus

On a note ALPHA Experiment is soon going to be upgraded and possibly we will also see faster results about what happens with anti-matter in gravity. Imagine possibly if anti-matter goes up we could possibly see hoverboards and flying cars!