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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: The Initial Showdown


So at the E3 Sony revealed their console and both Microsoft and Sony filled us up with all the details which might make you preorder the next generation of consoles but choosing between two could be tough obviously both shines in their respective sections. So I thought to sum up all what I know and help you decide between the two. Although this is just the initial speculation as I haven’t touched the consoles yet but looking things that I know like the specs, features and everything in between I might help you to choose your console.

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In terms of specs both the consoles have somewhat similar components with here and there variations like both have octa-core AMD processors and 8 Gigs of Ram but Xbox has DDR3 and DDR5 which makes a little difference one thing though that the Xbox One offers no upgradation of the hard drive so you are stuck with 500 GB internal storage on the other hand PlayStation 4 lets users upgrade their HDD. In terms of graphics both live on the integrated AMD graphics which are good atleast as per the game trailers I saw for both the devices I could say that they get the job awesomely done.


Okay so both the consoles look radically different from their previous siblings. Yet the design of the PlayStation 4 looks quite good and feels edgy both been compact yet Xbox looks little bit bulkier.


Both have a mix bag of feature with here and there variations but Xbox one has something which bring live TV integration which makes it an allround entertainer but Sony allows streaming of games to various devices like the Smartphones and PS Vita so both have their beneficial points and ya could plays a major role in both the consoles. Xbox One has voice control in certain areas which is absent in PS4 but its okay if you don’t have one. In motion control I prefer Kinect over Move.


There is a big issue in Xbox which does not allow users to play used games while PS4 offers it does say that some of the features of the game will be exclusive to the fist user which doesn’t seems like a problem.  Both the Makers are ignoring backwards compatibility which will make your PS3 or Xbox 360 games useless when you buy the next generation of these devices. One feature which is bugging me is that Xbox requires users to be online once every 24 hours for some checks which PS4 doesn’t require one.

If you are a Indie developer you need to partner with a big name to get your game in the Xbox Library but in the PlayStation arena Indie developers have freedom to stay independent.


If you are a Casual gamer and need good for your bucks then Xbox One could be a good candidate as it offers complete living room entertainment system. For serious gamers PlayStation 4 is a Good choice looking at the developer friendliness and little at par hiccups when compared to Xbox One and its $100 cheaper than Xbox.

I know that PS4 does not include its Move controller in the Package but thats okay as most of the games don’t require it. If Microsoft tries to reframe its policies then there might be improvement in the outlook of its console.